Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Admiring Items with Signature Brands

Armani, Gucci, Giordano, Esprit, Guess Levis, Lacoste, Benetton, Bench, Name it, young people have it. Or, are dying to, anyway.

What makes the products bearing these brand names so special (the price included)? Hit any mall and you will run into a swarm of teenagers hanging around such items-touching them admiring them, and finally, parting with some hard-earned cash given by their parents. Come to think of it, the cost of such items can keep a person away from them, despite their attractiveness. But once you slip into these designer brands, who cares about the price? One has to make the right impressions. And there is nothing like roaming around the campus in a designer shirt and jeans to project a great image. Surely, you would look like you have just stepped out of a TV commercial. As you easily blend with the “in” crowd, no one will suspect that you are flat broke. Real cool.

Maybe it is the advertisements. They tend to make you feel that all you have to do is wear that kind dress and presto! Your dream guy and dream girl will begin to notice your existence. Commercials seem to tell you that wearing a certain sports outfit can make you play like your favorite sportsman in the court; that such a get up would ensure that fulfillment of your highest aspirations. Peer pressure is another factor. When all your friends are clad in Guess denims and bunny shorts, you are urged to acquire the same attire-by hook or by asking our parents for an advance in allowance. And then, there is the requirement of being “class”- that aura of wealth and social distinction. But actually, it is as unnecessary as retainers on false teeth, and glasses over eyes with a perfect vision.

True, designer clothes have their advantages. Many of these are of good quality and have eye-catching designs. No wonder teenagers go for them. The problem is, not everyone can afford them. While there is something definitely off beat in loving beyond the one’s means just to be trendy. It is like buying signature items with the tuition money you borrowed from your best friend or worse, stolen money.

We all know that clothes make a lot difference; but have you ever stopped to think that perhaps, bearing and personality might make a lot more? The most expensive wardrobe in town could not disguise a “whipped-dog” attitude, nor can it improve a slouchy posture. We have seen quite number of people wearing designer clothes in a manner, which is sad to say-sloppy.

On the other hand, there are striking, smart-looking individuals, whose clothes may have been made by a barrio seamstress for all we care, but nevertheless, carry themselves confidently. These brands they use don’t seem to matter at all. In short, it is not what you wear that really matters and counts- it is how you wear it.

So, you are a little short of cash? Buck up and take courage, so are the most of us! Either wait until you have saves enough for one of those chic numbers at Cinderella’s, or leave the boutiques to the elite and haunt the more down-town-to earth priced shops instead. Check out those cute denim skirts that are on sale, or those stylish blouses that suit both your taste and your wallet. No need to live like a pauper in order to sport decent attire. You just have to know where to shop for quality and reasonable ready-to-wear clothes. And then, of course, you need to consider which cut fits your best, and what colors go well with your skin tone. You can also have your tailor copy a pattern you especially admire. Better yet, you can design your own clothes! In other words, “Express yourself!”

Enough of this. You’re getting the idea. Just remember: whatever you have on, carry it well! Mind your posture. Give your clothes the character you want to project. With these, the only difference your outfit has with those worn by your well-off peers is a little old name on a small hidden tag. As Yves St. Lauren (now that is another signature name!) puts it, “Fashion fades; style is eternal.”