Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How Can One Have A Healthy Relationship?

A relationship is sometimes, very hard to handle, especially in a love relationship. It requires mutual understanding and consideration. Treating each other well is significant and most often, always feel that love is in the air. Here are some of the qualities to consider to have a healthy relationship:

First, there should be mutual respect. In a relationship, respect for each other is very important. Meaning, each one values who the other is and accepts him or her for what he or she is. Each partner understands each other without setting limitations and boundaries. Each one is free to do what he or she wants to do without getting afraid that his or her partner might be angry or might not like what he or she is doing.

Second, every person should have trust. This quality must be possessed by every partner to make a healthy relationship. Being jealous is a natural emotion. What matters is how one reacts into his jealousy and there should be limitations on it. There should be a sense of trust and always think that his or her partner is not cheating on him. Without trust, love will surely fail.

Third is honesty. This quality goes hand in hand with trust. For without trust, it is very hard for each one of you to be honest. Every little thing you do and will be doing, always think of being honest. Never ever do a dishonest act towards your partner so that he or she will not lose trust on you.

Fourth is being supportive towards your partner. One should not only support his or her partner in times of difficulty and trials. Even in times of happiness and success, your other half should also celebrate with you. During moments when you really need your significant half, he or she should be there and lend his shoulder for you to cry on.

Fifth is, there should be fairness and equality between the two of you. Give and take should be applied in every relationship. You should take turns in everything you decide upon. You must see to it that each of you is agreeable with your partner’s decision. And it should not be a "me-me decision", instead a "me and you".

Sixth is, you should have separate identities. Always remember that each one of you has separate lives even before you had your present relationship. You set compromises with each other. However, it does not mean that you will stop your world on your partner and lose out on being yourself. You have to live separate lives without losing your partner. You have to continue seeing your friends and spend time with your respective families, without failing to meet your obligation with your other half.

Lastly, is to have good communication. A healthy relationship requires constant communication. Being open with each other is very important. If one has a problem and has something he or she dislikes with his or her partner, he or she should be open to his or her other half so that everything will be settled and talked upon. A sense of openness and belongingness should always be present.

With all these qualities, your relationship will have a long way to go. And everything will run smoothly and both of you will live a happy and healthy life.