Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Faucet Problem

Repairing your own faucet may be discouraging, however if you get to learn the basics, it will surely be easy to fix the next time you fix your own faucet. One of the hardest parts of getting to learn how to fix the faucet is just getting the correct replacement parts and using the right tools to save time.

How to fix a leaking faucet

-     Examine where the water came from so you will know what to do next. After that, it would be better if you will turn off the water supply to the faucet. Shutoff valves are usually under the sink.

-     Some of the reasons for leaking of the stem in a faucet are, packing nut that is loose or a packing washer that is not in good condition.

-     One way of solving this problem is by using wrench or pliers to tighten the nut.

-     If it still leaks even after tightening the nut, if you did not turn off your water supply, you need to shut off the faucet or main water valve that is inside the house to stop the water. After which, you will then detach the faucet handle from the outside faucet and loosen the nut. You will then remove the damaged packing washer and bring it to a hardware store to get an accurate replacement.

-     Other solution for this is to relieve the water pressure by opening the faucet in the center position. It is important to cover your drain holes in the sink to prevent losing some parts. Remember how you remove the parts; a video camera would be helpful for this. Arranging the parts in order on how they were removed would be helpful as well. After completely removing the parts, you can check on the interior of the valves. You can use a cloth to clean the surface. You can also soak them on vinegar to remove some mineral deposits. If you have plugged holes in your faucet body, the flow of your water will certainly be slow. For that, you can use screwdriver to clean them. You can then check on some parts that needs replacement and purchase them on hardware store.

-     The tools needed to solve this problem: screwdriver set and adjustable wrench, packing washer and string.